Pedagogy, Pinterest, Professional Literacy Communities

Learning how to teach all children to read, within the context of a quality literacy program, is an evolving process. A tremendous responsibility, with new challenges and opportunities every school year.

Responsibility…in that all our children deserve access and joy with the written word

Challenges… in that many children will need adapted and alternate ways to learn to read

Opportunities… in that teachers are constantly searching for best practice and success

Having been a reading teacher my entire career, (now counted by decades, not years), I fully understand that we are on a continual journey to learn how to teach all children to read. Our world is changing, our literacy modes are evolving, and our children are entering school with new and differing skill sets and background knowledge.

Teachers are bombarded with instruction ideas based on well researched pedagogy, inspiration ideas shared on Pinterest, and wisdom ideas shared in Professional Literacy Communities. And so on…

All of these sources can be helpful in our pursuit to learn how to best teach children to read. Over the years I have used pieces of everything, but most importantly I have prioritized “what matters” first and foremost. I learn best from the children I work with, by observing and responding to successes and challenges. All the while being coached in the background with Pedagogy, Pinterest and Professional Literacy Communities. And so on…

Previous blog posts here have addressed these topics before, however as I evolve my learning and writing, new perspectives will be shared in upcoming weeks.










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